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Self Assesment
I am Mohammed Forekan. I was your SEO trainer for the last three months. I want to know my gap and improve my teaching ability. I am looking forward to your opinion by filling up the form. No worries, I will not receive your name or any other personal info to identify who you are. So be confident to write what you feel about me. Believe me, It will never hurts me if there is negative results come from your end rather it will help me to know me better.

Mohammed Forekan

How did you find my each class?

I am causal in class rather than being formal. Is this something you are bored or you love it?

Am I tolerant to answer your questions?

What do you think? Am I biased while teaching? Meaning do I give extra facility whom I know better or I try to contribute equally to each of the candidates?

What do you think? Are my lectures easy to understand or difficult?

What will you advise me to improve my teaching ability?