Local seo services for law firms

Local seo services for law firms

If you are looking for search engine optimization for your law firm, the most challenging part is to find out the law firm seo expert. This is due to the nature of seo strategies for law firm seo or local seo. There are many seo agencies or marketing agency that provide seo services for almost all kinds of potential clients and follow the same marketing tactics and seo campaigns. Though they can increase search engine rankings for most of the niches yet they have to struggle for legal marketing for law firm’s website cause they follow the same marketing tactics for law firm seo services. Doubt may arise in your mind that what’s the difference between seo for lawyers and other seo campaign. Even you may think if someone can dominate search engines for any seo services then definitely he can dominates the search engines for law firm websites as well. Yes, your thinking is partially right. He can be counted among the experts who are in the field of internet marketing. Then where is the question arises for law firm seo services if someone hire same experts for law firm website? Okay, No rush. Here is the answer from Google.

Google search results aim to provide the quality content or information to it’s visitors through organic results. To make sure the quality content and the most helpful content Google have categorized some industries as YMYL that stands for Your Money Life. What does it mean? It means some websites provides such information that may affect the life or money of it’s visitors. Some YMYL industries specified by Google are:

  1. Health
  2. Insurance
  3. Finance
  4. Law

and many more. So they have special attention on YMYL industries while someone goes seo for attorneys and most of the regular or traditional seo campaign or seo strategy does not work while those works perfectly for rest of the search engine results. That’s why legal marketing or seo for law firms is not the everyone’s cup of tea even though he is in the area of internet marketing where there asre some special ranking factors. Law firm websites need to follow some particular search engine optimization and seo strategies and seo campaign even it’s for local search results. In this article we have covered all the internet marketing, law firm seo strategy as well as ranking factors based on Google algorithm update to make sure the organic results.

Here you go…

Keyword research:

If you are going to create seo campaigns for a new site and don’t have any keyword in your mind, then the first thing is to keyword research that matches with your practice areas. It’s better to spy on competitor’s keywords and find out which keywords are bringing organic search results for them and you can take a note. For this, target at least 5 competitors websites of law firm’s that are on the first page of search engines. Now filter your keywords from your collection and select the best keywords depending on your practice areas and legal marketing.

Competitor analysis:

After keyword research and finalizing your keyword for local seo or local search, the second step is to competitor analysis.

Competitors analysis refers to inspect the strengths of the existing websites that appear first page of Google for organic search results. A competitor’s strengths can be determined by 3 majors ways that are:

1.Checking the quality of the contents and the total number of contents the competitor’s websites have.

2.Checking the Domain Authority that is called DA in short

3.Total number of back links and the unique referral domains that is called RD in short.

Law firm seo strategy:

Content planning:

First go for content planning. Make sure your law firm’s website contains the real and actual information based on the country’s law society, govt. rules and regulations. The law firm websites should not contain any unnecessary information and fake news about the law firm websites such as best law firm or cannot use their business name as best company if it’s not. For example, someone is a personal injury attorney r and he or she is experienced in personal injury matters but he or she has provided information related to family law matters in his website and brand his business name for family law issues. This is totally confusing and the user may face difficulty while working with him or her even there is risk of losing money.Google team manually check it due to the YMYL category and observed every contents, link building,social media, web design even user experience.If the law firm website is for particular location and it’s office location covers a fixed region, then it’s recommended to add the law firm’s website link in Google My Business and there should have name address phone. Search engines give priority those local search or google search that have a fixed office address along with phone number. So always keep in mind that you have follow every ins and outs of Google algorithm update while setting up a content planning of seo local.

Link building:

Link building plays a vital role in search engine optimization. White hat link building seo strategies can not only boost up the ranking but also avoid the risk of Google penguin penalty. The links should come naturally from the the related blogs that does not contains any spam links the of course the contents should have valuable information. It’s always recommended to achieve quality link through guest posting on legal blogs cause it’s considered as a very good search engine optimization pratice among the white label seo strategies. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit etc. provides valuable signal to Google search, so social media marketing can be another good option for link building while setting up seo strategies and legal marketing seo for lawyers.

We talked about spying on keywords at the keyword research part. You can follow the same method to get an idea about the back links of of your competitors. From which websites or blogs they have achieved links for their site and you can also approach the site owners for yours one. If possible you can collect address phone number to communicate with them directly and convince them rather than a random email. Being a law firm seo company, you should have a team of seo experts who can tackle different parts of your seo strategy. There are some web masters who ask money in return of providing back links that is called sponsored link. Google tells us to avoid sponsored links if possible. So it’s also an important factor for law firm’s seo services. A direct call to a phone number may be challenging but works more effectively then rest of the outreach or legal marketing field. With the combination of social media back links, profile back links, guest posting, HARO back links and Google my business, it’s highly possible to bring result easily on search engines for law firm’s website. Law firm seo services are nothing but some special seo strategy beyond the traditional seo services and search engine optimization.

Hiring seo experts or digital marketing agency:

If you are not well versed in search engine optimization then you can go for hiring seo experts or digital marketing agency for your law firm seo services whether it is personal injury law, family law, immigration law or any other areas of law. It’s all the same for doing seo for attorneys including personal injury lawyer, family lawyer, immigration lawyer etc. Before hiring a digital marketing agency you should check some issues about that seo company such as:

  1. Number of Team members of that particular seo company
  2. Experience of team members in marketing strategy
  3. Previous working records of team members
  4. Availability of team members
  5. Mentality of working with search engines of team members
  6. Number of seo experts
  7. Phone number along with address
  8. Previous results of seo for attorneys
  9. Previous history of law firm seo services
  10. Previous records of search results for organic search
  11. SEO strategy
  12. Proper knowledge of search engine optimization
  13. Google my business tactics
  14. Up to date news of search engines and it’s seo strategy
  15. Checking out the case studies for best law firm
  16. marketing strategy for Global SEO
  17. Marketing strategy for local seo
  18. address phone number

Final thought:

Before planning for seo for your law firm, your website should fix the technical issues such as seamless desktop user experience, mobile user experience and notebook or tablet user experience.

Search engine results depends on many factors when it’s talking about the organic search. Organic search may appear to visitors eye even there is no specific optimization some targeted keywords cause Googles look for information what it’s traffics are looking for by typing organic search tems. So it’s better not to be aggressive to beat Search engines whether it’s for local pack, or global seo neither seo for personal injury lawyers nor any law firm marketing. All of your potential clients will definitely contact to you if you are in a natural way of law firm marketing. So our advice plan a natural local seo practice for search results as search engine results are now mostly based on AI. Hope this article have given you a clear idea about local seo service for lawyers by creating a search engine results based seo methodology.